ADD and ADHD – Not just an attention and behaviour problem

We’re all familiar with ADD and ADHD; It’s moved from a rarity to being a cultural awareness we all take for granted.

What seems to be missing in the push to develop marketable drugs and “treat” ADD/HD is attention to the whole constellation of symptoms which so often co-occur. First and foremost is the surprisingly common incidence of anxiety and depression. Once ADD/HD is diagnosed, it’s as if healthcare professionals simply stop asking questions. Clients I’ve worked with have often reported that relief from these symptoms was at least as meaningful to them as their improvements or remission of ADD/HD.

Aside from anxiety and/or depression, a number of physical challenges have been reported by most. These typically include serious quality of life issues such as: Constipation, diarrhea, IBS, frequent abdominal pain NOS (cause can’t be identified), poor fine motor control, clumsiness, muscle cramps, headaches, severe carb & sweets cravings, difficulty falling asleep, shallow restless sleep and middle of the night waking with difficulty returning to sleep.

It’s been fascinating to watch how consistently clients reported all these apparently unrelated symptoms responding to a sophisticated nutrient/enzyme program (Equilib Protocol) if their ADD or ADHD symptoms went into remission or improved. This would seem to clearly indicate that this entire panoply of different issues must very frequently be influenced by nutrient status. Nutrients aren’t drugs. They can’t make people more normal than normal. If there’ve been improvements with increased nutrient intake, there pretty well have to have been underlying deficiencies.

Seen from this perspective, the reported relief shouldn’t have been surprising. The brain isn’t a stand-alone organism living in its ivory tower. It’s part of an integrated bodily system. If deficiencies are severe enough to affect brain and mood function, then it makes perfect sense that other systems in these complex integrated organisms we call humans would be affected as well.

Every process which occurs in the human body from the tiniest molecule to the biggest muscle is created and regulated by what goes in the mouth. With a few exceptions such as some toxins and heavy metals, The human body’s very good at removing what it doesn’t need. It does this every time we have a bite of food; but it cannot make something out of nothing. If the basic building blocks aren’t there in adequate quantities, things pretty well have to go wrong.

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