Over Active Bladder Medication and Dementia

Over active bladder medication. Care for a side order of dementia with that?

More bad news for those taking anticholinergic (anti spasmodic) over active bladder medications such as Tolterodine, Detrol and Oxybutynin.

In a powerful study published online January 26 2015 in JAMA Internal Medicine, Dr Shelley Gray PharmD, University of Washington, Seattle And her team tracked the use of this type of medication in 3434 seniors with an average age of 73 for the previous 10 years. They then went on to assess participants for dementia every two years for the remainder of the study period; 7.3 years on average.

What they found was sobering. Those taking any type of anticholinergic medication experienced up to four times the incidence of dementia compared to those taking none. The effect over ten years was dose dependent and cumulative, so that those taking a minimum dose for three years for example would still be in the highest risk category. For those using two of the same class of medications such as Benadryl and Detrol, the incidence was even higher.

Of those participants who did develop some degree of dementia 79.9 also developed Alzheimer’s disease during long term follow up.

In an interview with Sue Hughes of www.Medscape.com Dr Gray was quoted as saying “There is no data on how these drugs may affect young people, but I personally will avoid taking anticholinergic agents.” I too will choose to avoid the risks.

Fortunately there are options which do not involve this class of agent at all.  The following case series is taken from Equilib Nutrient/enzyme Protocol participants’ reports while enrolled in this sophisticated, monitored and at the time, funded program.

Those diagnosed with over active bladder may still qualify to participate in this funded program if age 70 or younger. In return for doing brief toll free telephone calls for 9 weeks, they will receive the Equilib Nutrient/enzyme Protocol at no cost for the equivalent of 8 weeks at the full dose. For further information or to apply, contact the undersigned.

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The above statements are not intended as medical advice and have not been approved by the FDA. As always, consult with you pharmacist or other trusted healthcare professionals before starting any new program.

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