Are you concerned about maintaining your mental and physical health?

Equilib may be able to help. Research has shown that some forms of mental illness may be caused by certain nutritional deficiencies.  Equilib is an natural dietary supplement which provides support for people concerned with mental and physical well-being.


“My patients appreciate the benefits of  Equilib™ and they keep coming back because they get results.”

–M.M., CA

I was so skeptical, didn’t think for one minute Equilib™ would actually work. I’m a nurse, I’m not into the holistic thing. My son started taking the product and after three months he no longer rages and goes to school with any qualms; he even got three A’s on his report card. Best of all he now has friends. His self esteem is back! He is living his life now, not just existing like he was before. We have our son back! The people at Evince are like angels in our lives; giving us the most precious gift ever.”

–Nancy L., NM

“I am so grateful for Equilib™ since I am no longer DRUGGED INTO OBLIVION. Once again I am able to experience joy, feel secure, and be productive.”

–Brenda G., CA

Equilib™ has given me a strong, confident, proud child that passed the end of grade test on the first try. He knows what Equilib™ has done for him. I don’t even have to tell him to take his Equilib™ anymore because he doesn’t want to be without it. He feels the difference in his own body.”

–Kyle M., CA

“I was given the ability to be completely rational and I feel a sense of calmness within my entire being. This impacted so many areas of my life. I was able to focus, become more realistic with my time, and respond to things with such a lighthearted nature.  I stopped beating myself up when I made mistakes…and actually just relaxed and rolled with things a lot better.  The anxiety that I would feel on the highway when I would drive pass trucks, vanished.  I was socially more adept.  I felt less critical of those around me…when critical thoughts came, I felt genuinely bad, and would ask for forgiveness.  I was able to listen to others so much better.  I started crying when I watched a very touching film.  I became more discreet and reserved with my words.  I have not felt the need to be a chatter box.  It has been a miracle.  The thoughts that have tried to bombard my mind in times past have ceased.  I am ETERNALLY grateful that the Lord has blessed me with a solution to the problems that I have struggled with in the past…and for most of my life.”

–C.Y., UT

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