Are you concerned about maintaining your mental and physical health?

Equilib may be able to help. Research has shown that some forms of mental illness may be caused by certain nutritional deficiencies.  Equilib is an natural dietary supplement which provides support for people concerned with mental and physical well-being.

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1 Bottle - $74.98
3 Bottles - $179.98

Equilib™ is a highly sophisticated all-natural dietary supplement that provides nutritional support for people concerned with mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It is made up of a unique and powerful combination of 35 chelated vitamins, minerals, and plant nutrients. We recommend taking DigestPlus and Probiotics with Equilib™ for optimum absorption.

Why are we so confident in our product? We have seen time and again how Equilib™ lays the foundation for better health. It is no secret that our way of life has changed. Our air has become more polluted, our food contains even less nutrients and our lives have become more stressful. All of this contributes to an overworked immune system that doesn’t get the proper nutrients it needs to keep our bodies working at its peak performance.

Digest 3

Digest Plus

1 Bottle - $41.98
3 Bottles - $100.76

DigestPlus is the end result of years of research on live plant enzymes. Its a powerful combination of pharmaceutical grade live plant enzymes scientifically designed to support your digestive process.

Each enzyme plays a specific role in helping your digestive system efficiently breakdown proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and the various sugars sucrose, lactose, and maltose). By facilitating the efficient breakdown of these components DigestPlus assures that the nutrients contained within the foods we eat are available for use by the body. This can be taken alone or with Equilib™.




1 Bottle - $30.97
3 Bottles - $74.33

Probiotics is concentrated whole food nutrition for the bowel. It benefits the immune system and overall health. It provides 6 strains of intense regenerative Probiotics (5 Billion CFU), as well as Prebiotic activity for a healthy microbial environment.

Repairs damage from improper diet and over use of antibiotics. Provides balance to the large intestine and helps reduce inflammation. Also contains organic soluble fiber which supports regulation.





“My patients appreciate the benefits of  Equilib™ and they keep coming back because they get results.”

–M.M., CA

“I am so grateful for Equilib™ since I am no longer DRUGGED INTO OBLIVION. Once again I am able to experience joy, feel secure, and be productive.”

–Brenda G., CA

Equilib™ has given me a strong, confident, proud child that passed the end of grade test on the first try. He knows what Equilib™ has done for him. I don’t even have to tell him to take his Equilib™ anymore because he doesn’t want to be without it. He feels the difference in his own body.”

–Kyle M., CA


Our Mission

Our Passion for Mental Health

EvinceNaturals™ was founded in 1999 with the mission to provide mental, emotional, and physical wellness products to help our customers achieve an improved quality of life … NATURALLY.

The solution

Try Equilib™ for 90 Days

The speed of the response to Equilib™ has been quite variable since many factors typically come into play. The best advice is to first allow time for the supplements to work within the system, at least one to eight weeks for optimal results.

It’s like a wood stove. If it’s chilly outside or the walls are poorly insulated, you need more logs on the fire. If you’re under increased physical, mental, sleep deprivation or emotional stress, your body’s requirements for the basic building blocks increases as well. In addition, if your diet becomes poorer and less nutrient dense, your body’s available supplies become reduced and you may again require enhanced supplementation.



We want Equilib™ to work for you.

Equilib™ is not a drug, however, for those on medications, we strongly encourage you to use the Nutrient Protocol. This simple protocol allows us to work with you and with your health care providers to track your symptoms and ensure they have an excellent overview of your ongoing status, responses and symptoms. Many health care providers report this has been useful; aiding them in their patient’s best care and medication management. As always, double check with your health care provider and/or pharmacist if pregnant or nursing (most have not expressed concern to date).

About Me

I'm so excited to be a part of this amazing company and spreading the word about Equilib™. I will share a little bit of my personal experience with this supplement.

One of my sons  was born at 28 weeks gestation. Thankfully, he did not have any major health issues. There were some developmental delays, but that was to be expected as a premature baby. By the time he started preschool, he had 2 younger brothers. Our hands were full taking care of a newborn, a 2 year old, and a 3 year old.

I noticed around the age of 2-3 that he spoke very rapidly and had some spatial issues. At that time I thought it was because he was trying to be heard above his younger brothers - our house was quite noisy! By the time he attended pre-school he had some social skill issues and had trouble focusing and making friends. Once in Kindergarten, his teacher called me for a meeting to discuss some concerns she had. He underwent a PPT and it was decided he needed some special help so he was in special education classes. I would never allow anyone to put on record that he was ADHD, or ADD or any other diagnosis. He was and is a very smart child so being in special classes was hard for him to accept, and making friends even more difficult.

Toward the end of elementary school, a friend told me about Equilib™. Determined not to medicate him on prescription drugs, I decided to give it a try - since it was an all natural alternative. After a few weeks on the nutrition protocol he came to me and said “Mom, I feel like the fog has been lifted, and I am so much happier”. I cried and hugged him. He underwent another PPT and scored so well, he was returned to the regular classroom. He stayed on the protocol for 4 years, adjusting the dosage as needed through the support person we spoke to on a weekly basis. He took AP classes in high school, and excelled in college. He is a young man now, and is applying to various medical schools - he did extremely well on the MCAT. His plan is to be an oncologist. He is very focused, very smart and a kind soul. I am so glad I took the chance to give this product a try. During the time he was taking Equilib™, I called and asked if there may be an opportunity at the company as I had such great results with my son, I wanted to help others. At that time, there was not. A couple of months ago, I got a call from the founder asking me if I would like to be a part of the growth and marketing. I, of course, said yes!

--- Denise Barbuto

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