High Blood Pressure?

Try these Natural, Holistic and Nutritional Approaches

Why look to complimentary or alternative medicine (CAM) for help? Researchers have found that many patients are not consistent with their blood pressure medications due to unpleasant side effects. Even more worrying, hypertension medications have been shown to increase the risk of falls in senior citizens; often with devastating consequences.

Home testing may lead to lower medication levels. Research has shown that many suffer what is known as “white coat syndrome”. They’re a little anxious about their blood pressure readings so numbers are artificially elevated in the doctor’s office. I myself have blood pressure in the 117-120/75 range but when the insurance nurse came to check my blood pressure for a new policy, the initial reading was 133/80; pre hypertension range. I used some relaxation techniques and it dropped back to my normal 117/75 which is optimal.

Taking and recording your blood at the same time and bringing it to your physician for your appointments, completely eliminates this issue. Your doctor can then prescribe medications if necessary based on your actual ongoing blood pressure. It also allows you to clearly determine the degree of ongoing benefits from any changes you may make in nutrition, lifestyle, medications or any other variables.

Beet Juice has been show in clinical studies to offer significant although moderate reductions in normal participant’s blood pressure. Researchers expect the results to be more powerful in those who actually have hypertension. Eight ounces of beet juice daily was all it took; with no unpleasant or dangerous side effects.

Stress or anxiety are direct causes of increased blood pressure for many sufferers. Many have reported that when they started on the Equilib Nutrient/live plant digestive enzyme Protocol, their blood pressure improved or normalized as their perceived stress and/or anxiety symptoms dissipated. Other tools to reduce stress and anxiety and support normal blood pressure include walking and mindfulness meditation. Even taking ten minute walks may bring down your numbers and walking 10,000 steps a day is even more powerful as well as improving the odds of living to a ripe old age; healthily. As an added benefit, regular physical activity has been shown to be the number one preventative measure for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Pro/prebiotics are another inexpensive tool with a host of additional benefits. The numerous types of beneficial bacteria in our digestive systems have been shown to act as an entire additional organ system. It affects our immune system, blood pressure regulation, ability to abstract nutrients from our diet and moods. Multiple probiotic strain preparations with a broad range of prebiotics such as found in Healthy Bowel Support (www.EvinceNaturals.com ) may aid in re-balancing the beneficial and pathogenic bacteria levels. Because probiotics are influenced by diet, the broad range of prebiotics found in Healthy Bowel Support or other top quality preparations are important to assist these important organisms in becoming well established.

Avoiding GMO (gene modified organisms) foods will help maintain healthy beneficial bacteria. According to the excellent documentation in the book “Seeds of Deception”, Most GMO foods contain trace amounts of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. In addition, GMO corn contains BT Toxin in the corn kernels themselves. Both inhibit the growth of healthy gut bacteria while the pathogens are better able to thrive in this environment. Most American milk also contains significantly elevated levels of antibiotics. The gene modified hormone rBST which is regularly injected to increase milk yields, causes abscesses in the cows udders, so regular antibiotic use is necessary to keep the cows from dying. These are some of the reasons GMO crops are banned from being grown in many countries and most developed nations legally require any GMO ingredients to be shown as such on the label. Of course 100% organic dairy products contain no GMOs or antibiotics.

Knowledge is power. I strongly recommend everyone read “Seeds of Deception” so that they can make informed choices about what they put in their bodies.

Be well.


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The above is not intended as medical advice. As always, consult with your trusted healthcare professionals before making changes to your health regime.

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