Equilib and Autism Spectrum

Natural approaches require more than vitamins. Tools you can use; including a funded (no cost) holistic eight week program.

Autism spectrum has literally become an epidemic in North America. Historically, about I in 1000 children would develop this challenging condition. By 2000 that had jumped to 1 in 150. As of 2010 – 1 in 68 American children. This sky rocketing incidence is horrifying but has a silver lining.

Since genetics don’t change quickly, it must environmental factors driving the staggering increases. it’s dismaying that our environment has become so toxic that babies are being seriously harmed, but improving these factors should mitigate the severity of the effects.

Genes change slowly over many generations, but the epigenetic system can respond remarkably quickly. Genes are like the computer hardware of the human body. The epigenetic system is all the computer program coding. The epigenetic system directly responds to the environment for better or worse. Optimally, it adjusts how much the activity of each gene is turned up or down. This is known as gene expression and it’s tremendously important.

Millions of dollars are being spent on drug and gene research in the field of autism. If even marginally successful, it will generate patents and massive profits. What’s often forgotten in the profit driven rush are the critical un-patentable steps which help support the normalization of gene expression and physical/mental functioning.

The well documented ASD disregulation of gut functioning/adsorption, detoxification pathways, methylation processes, cognitive/perceptual processes and immune system have to be arising from environmental factors. What might some of these be?

1) Every molecule and atom involved in the creation, support and regulation of beneficial processes in the human body comes from what goes into our mouths, plus oxygen. When the body drops below a critical point of any one of these building blocks, by definition it has to produce less of or altered molecules in an attempt to keep functioning. Since each of these building blocks is very efficiently used in many different functions, it shouldn’t be surprising that even sub-clinical deficiencies would affect multiple systems. As one psychiatrist said to me: “The brain isn’t a stand-alone organism in its ivory tower. It’s part of an integrated system.” This is why pharmaceutical medications so often have such severe unwanted side effects.

What can be done? Many families have tried Kirkman or other vitamin programs with varying degrees of success. The problem with this limited approach is that there is much more to human nutrition than vitamins.

Families using the very broad spectrum Equilib Nutrient Protocol which had initially been developed for those with mood disorders were reporting profound physical, mental and emotional changes in ASD children and a few adults. Given the challenges ASD present, EvinceNaturals (www.EvinceNaturals.com) funded an ongoing no cost open label program for those diagnosed as being on the spectrum. Initial results were powerful and Professor Hendren presented the data as a poster @ the IMFAR conference in Montreal in 2006.

Shortly thereafter, a study was published on the use of a natural digestive enzyme for ASD children showing significant benefit. Given the effects demonstrated, it was decided to offer a seven enzyme natural live plant digestive enzyme preparation (DigestPlus) to families whose ASD children had either not responded strongly enough to the Equilib Nutrient Protocol or were continuing to experience gut disregulation issues.

In many case this led to a significant further reduction in reported symptoms. As a result, DigestPlus Live Plant Digestive Enzymes are now included in the current ongoing Equilib Nutrient/enzyme Protocol ASD funded program.

DigestPlus contains seven different live plant enzymes, plus 305 mg of beet root powder. This is provided as additional support given the research showing its ability to help maintain normal glutathione peroxidase levels.

Oddly enough, this free and safe program doesn’t seem to be getting the exposure expected; given how powerful the responses have typically been. I’d be pleased to discuss this with any organizations or healthcare professionals who are not already familiar with the Equilib Nutrient/enzyme Protocol.

Please note: The Equilib Nutrient/enzyme Protocol is not a drug. All recorded symptom improvements are the result of giving the basic building blocks used by the body for normal functioning and self-regulation. During baseline symptom tracking, participants continued on their existing ASD regimes. All results seen were compared to their current best available practices; not to placebos.

2) Check your water. Fluoride has been shown to inhibit all enzyme processes and has at best, modest effects on the reduction of dental caries. Topical application is much more effective and safer. Most bottled water contains fluoride and test show that it’s often of poorer quality that tap water. In addition, the endocrine disrupting chemicals which can leach from the bottles into the water are a concern.

Normal water filters cannot remove fluoride, but for those who for whom reverse osmosis systems are not practical, there is an inexpensive alternative. The Zero Water filter contains an ion exchange system which provides fluoride free purified water. It’s available at Bed Bath and Beyond and other retailers for less than forty dollars and comes with a TDS water tester. This allows you to easily determine when the filter cartridge needs to be replaced.

If water comes from a municipal or private well, it’s important to have it tested for arsenic. This is a neuro toxin which bio accumulates and many areas of North America have elevated levels.

3) EMFs: Researchers such as Professor Magda Havas and Dr Deitrich Kinghardt MD have found that the high energy, very high frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields produced by cell phones, wi-fi, cordless phones, smart meters and digital TV have significant negative effects on human cellular functioning.

Every cell in the body is a battery; negatively charged on the outside of the cell membranes and positively on the inside. This charge is maintained by moving through the earth’s very low energy, weak electromagnetic field. His “Schuman frequency and its harmonics is produced by a combination of the spinning ball of iron under our feet and the cumulative effects of lightning strikes around the world.

Unfortunately, when cells are exposed to frequencies up to a million times their biological window of understanding, it disrupts the ability to maintain a normal charge. It’s like charging a twelve volt car battery with a ten thousand volt charger. You will get some charge, but not a proper one.

Cells are rather like very busy construction sites. Nutrients are the building materials and the electrical potential on the cell membranes is the gas to power the machinery.

Interestingly, in my own practice, when I’ve used biologically compatible pulsed magnet field generation equipment to mimic the earth’s parents have seen significant improvements in the severity of their children’s ASD.

My strong recommendation and personal practice is to limit EMFs by hard wiring phones and computers. Whether you’re talking on them or not, Wi-Fi and cordless phones continually talk to their base and cell phones continuously send a signal to locate the nearest tower and update their position.

4) Molds. Previously, spent years in field research and development in indoor environmental remediation for those with severe chemical sensitivities, asthma* and allergies; many of whom also suffered from fibromyalgia*. Across the board these sufferers often showed the same pattern. Severe regression in the spring and a less severe episode in the Fall. This precisely matched the spring and fall mold blooms here in the North East. The white powdery substance coating grass and dead leaves as the snow melts is a mat of molds and fungi. A second but less severe upsurge in airborne mold levels occurs with the dead leaves and rain in the fall. Could greatly increased mold levels be triggering neuro-cognitive-behavioral symptoms in vulnerable ASD children?

To confirm this hypothesis I took five volunteer ASD families where children were already participating in the Equilib Nutrient/enzyme Protocol and installed Sanuvox photo oxidation units on the return air drops for each furnace during the height of the Fall mold season. Each family left the furnace fan on continuous circulation in order to break down organic gaseous and particulate contaminants in the air; including molds.

The Sanuvox photo oxidation equipment installed is a Health Canada registered medical device using two frequencies of intense ultraviolet light within a large reflector tube. The first stage splits water molecules apart. Water is made up of two oxygen atoms and one hydrogen atom. When you separate the oxygen atoms, they become very lonely. In less than a tenth of a second they’ll grab onto the nearest molecule they can find. This “oxidation” process breaks down organic materials and renders them non allergenic. The second stage is high intensity sterilization which offers a very high kill rate for bacteria, viruses etc. and quenches any ozone.

Four of the ASD children experienced the typical Spring and Fall worsening of symptoms. The fifth as a control experienced his worsening symptoms in the dead of winter; around February.

As theorized, the four “typical” children experienced significantly reduced seasonal symptom exacerbation while the Sanuvox equipment was operating. The fifth showed no change. In hind sight, I suspect the issue with the atypical child may have been very low vitamin D levels with the short days of February. Knowing what we know now, I would have suggested having the child’s vitamin D levels checked. A vast body of research around the world reinforces the serious physical, mental and emotional issues associated with low vitamin D status.

Conclusion: Autism Spectrum children and adults who show seasonal regression matching the spring and fall mold blooms in more northerly climates or those who are sensitive to molds in southerly climates may significantly benefit from the use of Sanuvox photo oxidation equipment.

*The funded (no cost) Equilib Nutrient/enzyme Protocol Open label study mentioned above is still available for those with asthma, autism spectrum or fibromyalgia. In return for filling in simple symptom charts daily and phoning them in toll free weekly, participants receive at least an eight week supply of the nutrients, enzymes, ongoing support and collaboration with their physicians with no other cost or obligation. With an Open Label study program participants always receive the actual protocol, not a placebo.

Participants benefit from the chance to see their symptoms go into remission or significantly diminish. Physicians gain a new resource for their patients, plus an effortless case management tool to track patient responses and easily manage medication reductions if applicable. EvinceNaturals benefits from a) an ever growing statistical data and case series base and b) the majority of participants who’ve recorded major symptom improvements have elected to continue on the program after their funded period had ended. This ongoing support from former study participants now funds the significant resources needed to maintain and enhance these important no cost programs.

Yours in good health.

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