10 Facts About the Nervous System

Your nervous system is the postal service for your body. It provides communication from one part of your body to the other part. This is done very effectively through nerves and neurons that transmit signals from head to toe. Without this complex system we wouldn’t be able to use our senses to discover and participate in the world around us.

While the nervous system functions together as a whole, there are two different parts of the nervous system, the central nervous system and the periphery nervous system. The central nervous system is comprised of the brain and the spinal cord. This is where most bodily functions such as sensations, movements and thoughts occur.

The peripheral nervous system extends down to the arms and legs (your periphery) and carries messages back to the central nervous system for processing. It’s an intricate system that is used every day in our life to function.

Below is a few more facts about the nervous system.


  1. While the nervous system is an incredible system, the one critical thing it can’t do is replace itself. When nerves get damaged, unfortunately, they stay damaged.
  2. Men have more gray matter in their brains than women. Gray matter is involved in information processing.
  3. When the doctor hits your knee reflex and your leg kicks up, it is not related to the nervous system at all. It is a reflex arc but has nothing to do with nerves.
  4. The brain uses most of the body’s energy. When you find yourself exhausted after long periods of intense concentration, it’s because your burning more energy than usual!
  5. Your brain has 100 billion neurons. Neurons are a type of cell that transmits impulses.
  6. A we age, we actually loose neurons. This causes our brains to shrink as we get older.
  7. There are many different neuron cells for different functions. They also look different based on their function.
  8. The sciatic nerve has been the cause of pain for many individuals. However, it is also unique because it is the longest nerve in your body. It goes from your spinal cord all the way down to the tips of your toes.
  9. When you sleep, the brain continues to be active. This is the time for the brain to clean house. It re-energizes and clears waste from cells.
  10. Glial cells are a special support cell used specifically to help neurons. They provide structure and support and help to feed and energize the neurons so they can continue to do their job.

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