What is Autism?

Autism is a brain-based disorders that affect a person’s behavior as well as social and communication skills.
Symptoms We Track:
Seems not to hear / no startle response
Unusual tolerance or sensitivity to environmental stimuli (e.g. pain / light / sound)
Little visual response to “new people” or other’s facial expressions / feelings 
Stares into space for long periods 
Has no social smile
Lack of participation in social interactions. Has not developed friendships / prefers inanimate objects over people
Stiff, does not like to be held or touched
Actively avoids eye contact / appears to look through people
Often frightened or anxious 
Rocks / whirls self for long periods
Lunges, darts, spins, walks on toes, flaps hands
Unusual attachment to inanimate objects
Hurts self or others (banging head, kicking, biting, etc) 
Does not follow simple commands
Does not respond to name when called among others
Uses gestures not words to obtain desired objects 
Repeats phrases, sounds, and words over and over. Echoes others statements or questions
Severe temper tantrums / frequent mild tantrums 
Insists demands are met immediately 
Bowel problem (constipation / diarrhea / Irritable Bowel)
PICA (eats dirt / chews ice / chews on hair etc.)
Severe mood swings 
Seems oblivious to surroundings (danger, etc)
Learns a simple task but forgets easily 
Strong reactions to changes in routine 
Often feels, smells, tastes objects
Involved in complicated rituals (lining objects up, rearranging furniture, etc)


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